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Dry Cleaning Equipment

JP Trading Inc.>Dry Cleaning Equipment

For more than 35 years, JP Trading Inc. has been distributing dry-cleaning equipment throughout the west coast states (California, Washington, Oregon and Nevada). We understand the demanding dry-cleaning industry, such us production, quality, labor, and downtime; and the important to work with high-quality products. That is why at JP Trading Inc. we work with the best dry cleaning equipment brands (Rema Dri-Vac, RayPak, Fulton, Multimac, UniMac, Itsumi, and Forenta) and offer state-of-the-art dry cleaning equipment to our clients.

Air Vacuums

We work with the acknowledged leader of Air Vacuums and have a vast inventory of economic, dependable and high-quality air vacuums. Our air vacuums will allow stem consumption to drop instantly and boiler loads and energy demands will go down too. As a result, you will have a faster production output, a superior overall finish and your profits will increase!

Blow Down Tanks

Blow down tanks are an essential part of your dry cleaning equipment, as they can help extend the life of your boiler and allow them to perform more effectively. Our blowdown tanks are available in a variety of sizes to fit your necessities.


We provide a vast variety of cost-effective and long-lasting steam boilers and thermal fluid heaters, for your dry cleaner or industrial laundry. With over 30 years of experience with dry cleaners and we know what boilers your dry cleaner needs. We have been providing dry cleaners with high quality boilers, tailored solutions, training and exceptional service.

Dry Cleaning Machines

Our line of dry cleaning machines and other specialized products offers design, construction, and innovation like no one else in the market. We provide durability, cutting-edge technology and the best efficiency at the lowest costs.

Laundry Machines

JP Trading Inc. is a trusted distributor of the best laundry machines for your laundromat. We provide a wide range of industrial and commercial laundry machines from the best manufacturers in the industry.


Whether you are looking for a shirt, collar, leg, laundry, utility, or combo pressers, JP Trading has just what you are looking for. We offer the best presses in the market, from leader manufacturers (Itsumi, Forenta)

Shirt Finishing

We specialize in shirt finishing products. Our products add that final touch on your freshly laundered products allowing you to offer your clients well-presented ironed and folded packages.


We have easy to use and high quality finishing toppers. After finishing the top, the machine will automatically fold the trouser and impress a perfect crease, no matter the operator’s experience. We offer consistent quality every time.

Puff Irons

If you want a faster and easier dry-cleaning finish, than our puff irons are your perfect choice. With our puff irons, your light fabrics will have that ideal finish your customers adore.

Hand Irons

Our hand irons are ideal for sensitive fabrics. They are perfectly designed to deliver excellent ironing results even in difficult to access areas. They are easy to use and provide exceptional results.

Sleeves Finishers

If you own a dry-cleaner or laundromat, you want to offer your clients the best finishes. However, to gain a return on your investment, you need equipment that will help you increase your productivity while providing excellent results. Our vast selection of sleeve finishers, allows you to finish up around 90 shirts per hour with two operators.

Specialty Items

We also have a vast selection of specialty items that will make your work easier. Our specialty items include electric utility presses, spotting boards, steam vacuum boards, drapery press, utility press and others.


When you buy used dry cleaning equipment from a trusted distributor, you can save thousands of dollars. Choosing the adequate distributor to buy it from makes a real difference. JP Trading Inc. has over 35 years of experience in the dry-cleaning industry selling, installing, and servicing dry cleaning equipment.

Call JP Trading Inc. today for a tailored quote!

Are you ready to start working with dry cleaning machines that in the long run provide you with profitable performance? Start offering your clients eco-friendly dry cleaning services with state-of-the-art cleaning machines by calling us today (310)-254- 6494 or email us at [email protected] or request a quote today!

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