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JP Trading Inc.>Commercial Water Heater>Raypak RAYTHERM ® Water Heater, 514-824

Raypak RAYTHERM ® Water Heater, 514-824


Model: 514-824

  • Rugged All-Brass Headers
  • Corrosion Resistant Steel
  • Interlocking Refractory Panels

Category: Commercial Water Heaters

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Model Number Full Input in
 Flue Dia.
WH-514 511,500*  10″
WH-624 627,000*  12″
WH-724 726,000*  12″
WH-824 825,000*  14″

*Propane input is 94% of stated value.

Available Firing Modes

WH1 On-off
WH2 Mechanical modulation, setpoint 110F-170F
WH3 2-Stage
WH9 4-Stage


  • Rugged All-Brass Headers
    Resist corrosion, and are easily removed for inspection or service.  AB 1953 compliant. 
  • Brass Headers with Copper Finned Tube Heat Exchanger 
    Single bank, straight through design delivers lowest pressure drop. Integral fins have ten times the heat transfer surface of plain tubes.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Installation.
  • Gas-lined Cast-iron Headers and Cupro-nickel Tubes Available as Options.
  • Corrosion Resistant Steel
    Fittings are brush galvanized against rust. Heat shields are corrosion-resistant steel. Jacket has Polytuf powder coat finish
  • 24-Volt Controls
    Are totally enclosed for protection. Door is easily removed for inspection and service.
  • Floating Return Header
    Immunizes heat exchanger to thermal shock.
  • Tube Sheet and “O” Ring Construction
    Eliminates the repair and maintenance problems associated with rolling tubes directly into a casting.
  • Interlocking Refractory Panels
    Sealed corners reduce radiation losses.
  • Stainless Steel Burners
    Maintain precise combustion at all firing rates, burn quietly and won’t clog or corrode.
  • Slide-out Burner Tray
    Allows easy inspection and service.
  • Spark-to-Pilot Ignition
    The most dependable ignition method available.
  • Available for Natural Gas or Propane.