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Chemical Processing Thermal Fluid Heaters

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If you work in the chemical industry, you know that being able to control and regulate temperature is of vital importance. So it is important to have a technologically advanced, reliable, and durable thermal fluid heater at your facility.

At JP Trading Inc. we distribute Fulton boilers and products for the chemical industry. Our heaters are key components for the chemical industry, thanks to the high temperatures they achieve, their durability, their state-of-the-art-technology and much more.

High-Quality Chemical Processing Thermal Fluid Heaters

JP Trading Inc. is the number one distributor of Fulton boilers. Our boilers are designed to cover our client’s needs with efficiency, quality, durability, in mind. Our heaters can be used throughout the chemical industry in several ways. Whether you need it for batch processes or continuous processes, our systems are adaptable enough to suit your needs. Our thermal fluid heaters will provide tight temperature control with fixed ramp rates.

JP Trading the Chemical Thermal Fluid Providers You can Trust

JP Trading Inc. has over 11 years of experience working with the best boiler manufacturers in the industry. Throughout the years, we have installed hundreds of boilers, assisted lots of training, and serviced hundreds if not thousands of boilers. This has given us the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide the best thermal fluid heaters in the industry.

We don’t just settle with selling you any boiler; we sell you the boiler your facility and budget can buy. We even install your boiler (only available for the West Coast region), provide you with training, and service. Moreover, since we know how important it is to keep your business running, we have a 24/7 service at your disposal.

The Best Thermal Fluid Heaters for your Chemical Processing Needs

The chemical industry has high requirements when it comes to thermal fluid heaters. They can’t just settle to sell you any type of heater; they need one that can provide high temperatures at low pressures, high efficiencies, reliable, temperature control, durability. If you are looking for a thermal fluid heater for the chemical industry, here we have our top selection.

Vertical Coil

  • Compact, fuel-fired 4- pass heater design
  • Operating temperatures to 750°F
  • Heater sizes from 800,000 BTU/hr to 14,000,000 BTU/hr output.
  • Gas, oil or dual fuel burners available
  • Low emissions natural gas burners are available
  • Minimal refractory results in low thermal inertia and prevents overheating of the fluid in the event of a pump or power failure
  • High efficiencies
  • Even heating
  • Customize controls available

Vertical Tubeless

  • Vertical annular design
  • 200,000 BTU/hr to 1,736,000 BTU/hr output
  • Operating temperatures to 600°F
  • Gas or oil fire burners on/off or modulating
  • Low emissions gas burners are available
  • Customize controls available

Vertical Electric

  • Compact vertical design
  • 7500 BTU/hr to 1,719,000 BTU/hr output
  • Operating temperatures to 650°F
  • Low watt density elements results in low film temperatures and long element life
  • Customized controls available
  • Customized heaters available

Call JP Trading Inc. today for a tailored quote!

If you are looking for reliable, efficient, and durable thermal fluid heaters, JP Trading Inc. has just what you are looking for. We provide you with top-notch thermal fluid heaters for the chemical industry. Our cost effective boilers and durable boilers will give you peace of mind as they will provide you with high efficiencies for the years to come. Call us today at (310) – 254-6494 or email us at [email protected] for more information on how or thermal fluid heaters can work for your facility.

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