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Pharmaceutical Processing Steam Boilers

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The pharmaceutical industry requires reliable high pressure steam boilers to dry herbs, for sterilization and purification. For over a decade, we’ve been providing long-lasting, cost-effective boilers for the pharmaceutical industry across the West Coast, California, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada.  

With over 11 years working with Fulton, the leader boiler manufacturer, we offer tailored solutions that will improve the safety and efficiency of pharmaceutical companies.

At JP Trading Inc. we specialize in offering our clients top-notch steam boiler solutions. Our wide range of boilers allows us to provide you with the best solution that adapts to needs, space, and budget.

High Pressure Steam Applications for Pharmaceutical Firms

Pharmaceutical companies use steam heat for a wide range of operations and require boilers capable of producing high temperatures and clean steam systems.

At JP trading we understand the unique sterilization requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. With over a decade working with the best boiler manufacturers, our expert team will help you choose a reliable energy efficient, and clean systems tailored to your needs and pocket.

Our systems are fully-customizable and are capable of providing practical solutions to your most complex needs.

Why choose JP Trading Inc. as your Pharmaceutical Processing Steam Boiler Provider

JP Trading Inc. is your best choice for efficient, environmentally friendly, and high quality pharmaceutical steam boilers. Our highly-trained staff will make sure you get the boiler that suits your needs. With over a decade working with boilers and having worked with numerous pharmaceutical clients, we know what each boiler delivers and which one will suit your needs.

We work with the best boiler manufacturers (Fulton & Raypak) that offer top-notch high pressure and efficient solutions that can be adapted to meet the needs of the industry.

We don’t only guide you through your boiler selection; we provide installation services as well to all our clients in throughout the west coast states (California, Washington, Oregon and Nevada) .

At JP Trading Inc. we offer exceptional customers service. We want to make sure that our clients have the best experience with their boilers, so we provide training and a 24/7 emergency service.

Which type of boilers apply to the Pharmaceutical industry

When it comes to choosing the adequate boiler for your pharmaceutical facility, our experts at JP Trading Inc. will help you select the best boiler based on your facility’s needs. With over a decade on the field, we know what product will satisfy your specific requirements. Below you’ll find the characteristics of our top 3 recommendations for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Fulton Classic Vertical Tubeless Boiler

  • Fulton classic is the best solution for both hot water and steam, pharmaceutical applications.
  • It delivers efficiencies up to 80%.
  • Gas and oil capabilities
  • Small footprint and compact design
  • Uniform heat distribution

Fulton VSRT Series Boiler

  • First refractory-free, fully wetted vertical tubeless boiler.
  • Reduced thermal stress
  • Superior efficiencies (84%)
  • Compact footprint
  • Novel heat exchange
  • Enhanced water management
  • High turndown ratios
  • Inherent low emissions

Fulton Vertical Multiport Boilers

  • Designed for heavy duty applications.
  • Delivers efficiencies up to 84%
  • Compact vertical design that takes less floor space
  • Reduced installation costs

At JP Trading Inc. we distribute the best and most reliable steam boilers for your pharmaceutical facility.  When it comes to choosing the right boiler for your pharmaceutical processing plant, trust our JP Trading Inc. experts to access you on your best option. We have over a decade of experience and can help you choose the best boiler for your facility.  

In addition to guiding you through your selection process, we provide installation services throughout West Coast, California, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada. Moreover, if that weren’t enough, we offer training and a 24/7 Emergency service to expand the life span of your boiler.

Call JP Trading Inc. today for a tailored quote!

Call JP Trading Inc. today, and we will gladly provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and provide you with a steam boiler system that suits your needs and your budget. Call us today at (310)-254-6494 or email us at [email protected].

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